Psytrance Hysteria With New Adrenalizing Compilation ‘BREATHING EXERCISES’

17 February 2022

Artists: 10 international producers contributing a dark
love letter to this psychedelic trance collection, compiled
by L.A. forest production act Feelionics, the main project
of Riley Legaspi.

Released: 15 February 2022
Label: GoaProductions (Germany).
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Goa statement: “The recesses of your mind hold many secrets, and there is
within the opportunity to learn, change and grow. Breathing exercises are some
of the easiest means to understanding our mind and bodies. The breath is the only
faculty which occurs both spontaneously and under conscious direction. It is both
a gateway to freedom and control, moreover an understanding of the dichotomy
these poles represent. For life is neither freedom or control, but a dance between them.”

Turn Up The Volume: What to expect? Head-twisting beats to get wholly lost in, synthtastic brainbreakers for underground raves, full blast electronica activating
all your muscles and limbs, staggering dancefloor extravaganza, psytrance hysteria
for fans of sci-fi classic The Matrix, adrenalizing eurhythmics and other sonic
mind-games to get you out of breath.

Music by Yoshua E.M., Man3k, Stompsy, Feelionics, Adrenaline Rush,
Triceradrops, Prana vs Lifeforce, Xolotl, Xenolali and Neormm

Ready to boost your physical condition?

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