ANTIVALENT – Fierce Finnish Band Steam On Sassy Single ‘GODLIKE SINNER’

New striking strokes

12 April 2023

Who: A modern alternative rock quartet from Seinäjoki, Finland, honouring
the Nordic and Scandinavian rugged rock styles. Their work consists of not only
clean and grunge-sounding vocal melodies and distorted guitars but also hazy
and echoing soundscapes.

It follows their thundering debut album Lifelong.

The impressive single artwork

TUTV: Godlike Sinner is a infuriating missile. A sizzling mix of sheeny synths,
flipped-out guitars, manic drums, crossover fragments, and agitated vocals,
steaming with anxious velocity, like Placebo on speed or NIN on a run. You
can’t trust the sinner but you can trust me when I say that this stormer gets
under your skin and pumps up your bloodstream.

Go and wear
Your twenty-four k gold mask covered in glitter
Walk the streets shouting I’m a believer
You cross your hands
Pretend to tear up distress
But grave for all the riches

You’ve picked your side
Dark’s now your light
Wrong’s your right
Wrong’s your
There’s no light at sight
Dark’s now your light

Take a deep breath.

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