Candian Psych-Pop Rockers ELEPHANT STONE Share ‘DAWN, DAY, DUSK’ EP

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5 May 2023

Photo by Bowen Stead

Who: Celebrated psych-pop rockers from Toronto,
led by singer-songwriter-sitarist Rishi Dhir.
Active: Since 2008 / 5 LPs so far.


The EP follows last year’s magnific album Hollow and their French EP
Le Voyage De M. Lonely Dans La Lune. Rishi Dhir says D, D, D is a dive
into their journey through creation, life, and death, inspired by American
writer/professor Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) and his Foundation work.

This new micro-EP features two songs: the instrumental GODSTAR

Godstar begins with a rumble, a drone, the deep vibrations of a tabla, and the echoes of distant voices, evoking the feeling of a ritualistic ceremony. It’s a short, dreamy, calming instrumental with moody sax too. My ears wouldn’t mind if it was 10 minutes long.

The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World takes listeners on a journey through innocence and wonder, ego and power, and finally, acceptance and transcendence. Reflecting the philosophical depths of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, the lyrics delve into themes of knowledge, pride, and wisdom. The first thing that popped up on my stereo
in my head was the psychedelic harmonies of The Beatles circa Revolver. This track moves in different structures featuring sparkling guitar play, jazzy saxophone fragments, 60s organs, guitars played backward (Revolver again), and Rish‘s heavenly voice.

Both tracks also streaming on Spotify.


ELEPHANT STONE: Facebook – Instagram

Darkwave Mavericks COLD CAVE Cover PSYCHIC TV – Hear Their Whipped Up Version Of ‘GODSTAR’ Here

5 September 2022

Los Angeles’ darkwave act COLD CAVE, the brainchild of
Wesley Eisold are ready for some live action (tour dates below).

Ahead of it they shared their terrifically bouncy cover of GODSTAR.

A 1985 PSYCHIC TV (British influential electro-dance legends conducted by
the late great Genesis P-Orridge) classic about the late blonde Rolling Stones’
God Brian Jones.

Feel the heat, capture the beat here…

Psychic TV original

COLD CAVE: Facebook – Instagram

ANIKA Covers PSYCHIC TV (Genesis P-Orridge)

29 April 2022

Last year German singer-songwriter ANIKA scored with her first album
in 11 years. CHANGE was one of the most fascinating 2021 LPs in my book.

New (to me, anyway) is that she’s a fan of the late great unconventional
Genesis P-Orridge and his band PSYCHIC TV. He was an experimental
artist who turned dance music upside down.

Anika picked GOD STAR one of his most famous crackersto cover.

“Genesis is a big inspiration, the humor and investigation element in their work. I remember going to a talk in NYC where G recommended that no-one finish art school. I like this concept. Perhaps it leaves things unfinished and room for the individual to grow shoots, continue on their own journey. Perhaps this is like music school or any creative school. I think G specifically thought the place was bull and that they could do it better on their own terms, which turned out great. They also told a story about an art school work, which involved a used tampon in the shell of a clock. It was called Period Piece. I like the humor in this piece and the deconstruction of social boundaries. They are for sure an inspiration, in how to do things your own way, carve out your own path and don’t worry too much about what other people are doing.”

Anika‘s magnetic take…

The original

Anika’s North American/Canada Tour

ANIKA: Facebook‘Change’ album on Spotify