JUNE BUG – French Electronic Duo Bewitch With Their New Shadowy EBM Album ‘FEARLESS’

Standout longplayers

23 May 2023

Artists: JUNE BUG
Who: Experimental electro/EBM duo featuring Sarah June (vocals)
and BĂ©ryl Ben (multi-instrumentalist) from Lille, France.

An album that speaks of life, death, hope a little. Domination, celebrities and contradictions. Personal reflection on a world in loss of sense. The folk sounds
flirt with electro, rock and psyche somewhere between the DIY music of Tune
dark tracks of Billie Eilish and repetitive measures of Stereolab.

Photo by Nicolas Djavanshir

TUTV: June Bug sound like drinking a sonic cocktail with intoxicating flavors.
Expect haunting slo-mo jams (Dusk / Paradise / Fearless), trippy vibes with R&B
rhythms (Clap Your Hands / Bite Me) and a closing dancefloor stomper (Gold Eater).

All infused with a varied palette of shiny sparks, magnetic bass electronics, and sexy vocals. All served with inventive, synth-tastic textures and bewitching psychedelia, but
fully accessible. The duo create an ambient ambiance, a tingling trance for twilight hours and escapist moments from our troubled reality. Supreme stuff. Only 7 tracks? I know,
but the repeat button was invented for records like this. Use it.

Clip for standout stomper Gold Eater.




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