BILL CALLAHAN Reworks Old Song ‘LET’S MOVE TO THE COUNTRY’ For His Upcoming New Album

New sonic impulses…

4 August 2020

American singer-songwriter-crooner-storyteller BILL CALLAHAN will
make us happy with his new album GOLD RECORD on 4th September,
only 12 months after his double LP Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest.

For five weeks now he gave us one track every 7 days. We enjoyed: ‘Pigeons’,
’AnotherSong’, ’35’, ‘Protest Song‘
and ‘The MacKenzies’. You can stream them
all below via the Bandcamp-link.

And here’s piece number six. LET’S MOVE TO THE COUNTRY is actually
a song he wrote under the moniker SMOG. “Let’s pretend it’s a new song.
Please. I have nothing else.”
wrote Callahan on his socials.

An almost whispering, characteristic Callahan musing it is…

The brill original (on his 1999 Knock Knock album)

All six songs on Bandcamp…


Compelling Storyteller BILL CALLAHAN Shared Fifth Song From Upcoming LP – Meet ‘THE MACKENZIES’

New sonic impulses…

28 July 2020

Last month American singer-songwriter and compelling storyteller BILL CALLAHAN announced his new album GOLD RECORD, only 12 months after his double LP Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest. Simultaneously he promised to drop one new song every week, until the longplayer comes out, on 4th September. And he kept his promise, so far. He gave us already four tracks: ‘Pigeons’,’Another Song’, ’35’, and ‘Protest Song.‘ (you can stream them all below via the Bandcamp-link).

The troubadour now shared a fifth composition. ‘THE MACKENZIES’ is a typical Callahan musing. It’s about meeting his neighbors for the first time after a car problem and about lost father-son relationships. The way he tells/sings the story with that arresting voice of him is pretty special. Yes, a riveting pearl!

Listen here…


Listen to all five songs here…