Enigmatic Duo HVIRESS Seduces With Second Single ‘GOLDEN APPLE’

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17 February 2022

Band: HVIRESS (pronounced ‘Heiress’)

Who: The occult, musical love child of Hana Piranha and
Mishkin Fitzgerald. Fierce friends and writing partners since
touring together in 2013, where they found they had more
in common than just rock music.

FFO: Goldfrapp, Portishead, Queen Adreena,
Puscifer, How To Destroy Angels, Carina Round

The enigmatic duo unleashed their second single GOLDEN APPLE.

“Musically, the song is taunting, school-yard anthem with tribal undertones and
even some classical piano and strings, a colourful contrast from the apocalyptic
epic of debut single Arrival. Hana and Mishkin once again display their combined
musical powers to create something for the more discerning listener.”

TUTV says: Sensual, puzzling, tempting, synth-matic,
imaginative, seductive, esoteric, and relaxing.

HVIRESS are here to stay.

The ladies have once again teamed up with Scott Chalmers
to create an unsettling music video that leaves the viewer
pondering what they’ve just seen, a perfect partner to
the song’s opening lines…

“What is it that you see? It almost seems unreal
What is responsible for all the things you feel”

HVIRESS: Facebook

(photo via Super Scurry Music PR)