Rip-Roaring Retro Rock Razzmatazz – Here’s From Glasgow GOLDIE DAWN With A License To Thrill…

You like it raw and rough, rip-roaring and rollicking? And without any fake
production tricks nor arty-farty bullshit? Look no further here’s from Glasgow
rumbling riff machine GOLDIE DAWN led by the bad-ass punkette Kate Rambo.

The band released their self-titled debut EP some weeks ago. A smashing 4-track
roller coaster containing all the best firework echoes from the best past decades of
Rawk ‘N’ Bloody Roll. Imagine 70s punk queens Runaways being a 90s Riot Grrrl turbo (Gone With The Wild), The Damned fronted by Courtney Love and Sex Pistol Steve Jones on guitar (Crime), today’s Aussie sensation Amyl And The Sniffers going bonkers (What’s Inside Never Dies) and a drunk Nancy Sinatra singing an amplified country lullaby (It’s Nothing To Me). Rip-roaring retro rock razzmatazz from start to finish! Hell Yeah!

Goldie Dawn has a license to thrill and that’s exactly what they do.
Stop drooling, press play, and test your speakers’ resilience right here…

GOLDIE DAWN: Instagram

Dressed to kill…

EP available via Drunken Sailor Records
Photo on top via Bandcamp-page Goldie Dawn
Thanks to Colin Steer for the tip