1 May 2023

Who: 4 Belgian misfits producing a mix between Danzig-era, Misfits meets Helmet, equally influenced by the earliest of hardcore punk and 90’s guitar music and thrash metal.

2 previous released singles
and their B-sides.

“‘Self Loathing Self Help’ tells a story about depression, suicide and the ones left behind. It was therefore deliberately chosen to bundle these four numbers. The songs clearly written as a process of coming to terms with losing loved ones, while struggling mentally yourself. The artwork by American artist Grant Fuhst shows both the flattened feeling of survivors guilt and the hopelessness that is so prominently felt in contemporary society. Throughout the four-part EP, singer Jasper De Petter rattles death wishes together, urgency is the central mood during the 17-minute playing time.”

TUTV: The first two jackhammers (previous singles) are the ones that can be dangerous
for your stereo’s well-being. Frontman De Petter‘s screaming is sky-scraping. Holy smoke, that guy has four lungs. His hurly-burly howls are fueled by anger, by fear, by grief and by any state of mind that transfers one’s mind to dark places, pitch-black places that is.

Goliath and Shame are merciless post-punk drones that resonate like Canadian hard-core gang Fucked Up fronted by Kurt Cobain at his worst mental moments. Flipped-out guitars and the hammering rhythm section push the decibels over the legal limit.

Excorsism at its disturbing best.

Solid and Old Reliable have a more reflective and a quiet/Loud/quiet/Loud timbre. Think
The Murder Capital. Mind you, De Petter‘s vocal range is still intact. These two mindfuckers emphasize once more the content of the EP: the crushing power of mental turmoil and soul-destroying guilt. It feels as if Ronker are still trapped in an endless dark tunnel and there’s still not a trace of light. On the other hand, this standout EP can be the first step
to healing.

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(Photos by Turn Up The Volume – We Are Open Fest in Antwerp, Feb 2023)