Wall-Of-Symphonic-Synths With Brooklyn Artist TACONO GATE And His New Darkwave Single ‘GONER’

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12 July 2022

Who: A Brooklyn-based solo artist who has been releasing music in obscurity from his bedroom since 2019. Drawing from influences ranging from the hypnotic Motorik beats of 70’s Krautrock to the coke-fueled excesses of New Wave as well as contemporary lo-fi rock, Tacono Gate creates dark, bittersweet, post-punk ballads for people trapped in iron cages, waiting for a train that isn’t coming or trying to dry off a cigarette in the rain.

Single: GONER

TG: “This is a song I worked on for 24 hours, high as shit, and then left sitting in my folder
for months during a deep depression… There’s an obvious darkwave influence, but I was also inspired by the big synth sounds and some of the wilder emancipatory energy of Queen a la ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ ‘I Want to Break Free,’ etc. and an Argentinian new-wave band called Virus. There’s some post-punk energy, maybe channeling a little Julian Casablancas on the vocals
too, and I used the Magnetic Fields’ ‘Strange Powers’ as a reference track for some of the overall tonality of the track. It’s definitely heavy on the ‘80s, but I think I made something new. I never want it to be derivative even when I’m wearing my influences on my sleeve.”

TUTV says: The wall-of-symphonic-synths here at work stir up your bloodstream from the kick-off with echoes of the 80s New Romantics era. Think Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark mixed with the twilight side of Depeche Mode. Riveting and enrapturing with darkwave shadows. Despite what Tacoono Gate claims, he’s a stayer.

Here’s why…

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