Scottish Dropouts HUMOUR Share Bizzare Video For Their Disaster Single ‘GOOD BOYS REMEMBER WELL’

New clips for your eager eyes

8 November 2022

Who: 5 eager Scots, 4 from Edinburgh, 1 from Perth,
now all making noise together in Glasgow.

Clip for the latest single of their upcoming 6-track debut EP,
named Pure Misery, out 25 November. Pre-order info here.

“This song’s about a really tragic submarine disaster Andreas (frontman) heard about
one day. He just lifts a bunch of particularly sad lines from Wikipedia about it rather than adding too much of his own perspective. I’ve always thought this was a cool thing about this song. It seems like he’s got a megaphone and is just sort of relentlessly listing facts and figures about the disaster in a desperate attempt to make you feel the way he did when he heard
about it.”

TUTV: Starts like a theme’s intro of a horror movie. Scratching guitars and uncanny murmur from the grave. A minute later frontman Andreas Christodoulidis sneers his
ranting report of, yes, a submarine going down, sounding helpless, agitated, and and hyperkinetic until a sudden end stops his broadcast. Das Boot is down now. This is not
a joke. It’s bizzare stuff with mind-bending progression for a disastrous story.

I dig baffling shit like this.

Roll the tape and be ready for some shockwaves…

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via Bandcamp

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