Isolation Moodiness – PORRIDGE RADIO’s Dana Margolin And LALA LALA Shine On ‘GOOD FOR YOU’

New sonic impulses…

2 July 2020

One good thing about these unseen isolation days is that artists had time to
create new music. And some came/come up with splendid stuff, like Porridge
‘s vocalist/songwriter Dana Margolin teaming up with Chicago-based
artist Lala Lala.

The collaborative result is the moody beauty called GOOD FOR YOU.

Margolin told what happened: “‘Good For You’ landed on me one morning early on in lockdown when I was eating breakfast. I really love Lillie’s music, and we were vaguely in
touch through the internet, so when Lillie got in touch asking if I wanted to make a song together, and then a few days later I’d written this song, it felt really right to collaborate
on it.“
Porridge drummer Sam Yardley also contributed a part.

Hear Good For You here…

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