London’s Up And Coming Rockers DEADLETTER Nail It With ‘GOOD OLD DAYS’…

New sonic impulses…

4 May 2020

London’s up and coming gang DEADLETTER just released their rad new single
‘GOOD OLD DAYS’ sounding more like the past has been an awful mess.

My oh, my. The pumping bass riff intro hits your aural antenna from the get-go
and never looks back. Add a mind-bending beat, metallic guitars, caustic vocals
and a fuck you good old days chorus and you know this a stone gold stunner. And
along the way that relentless bass hook infiltrates your head and starts a punchy
party of its own in there. This is stupendous post-punk funk mixing Gang Of Four‘s
cutting guitar stoccados and Wire‘s dynamics. Mind you, Deadletter turns 1980 into
this generation’s off-kilter alt-rock with most exciting bands like The Wants, Sorry,
Black Midi and Porridge Radio

Deadletter has all the exciting sonic ingredients to hit
the scene big time. No doubt about that.

Here’s why…