DAIISTAR – Texan Indie Outfit Overwhelm With Psychedelic Jam ‘REPEATER’

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9 August 2023

Photo by Janelle Abed

Who: Noise-pop/alt-indie quartet from Austin, Texas
who started up during the awful pandemic times.

New single: REPEATER

The third one (stream all 3 below on Spotify) from their
forthcoming debut album Good Time, out on 8 September
via Fuzz Club Records.

Album cover

Alex Capistran (guitar/vocals) writes: “Repeater is a voyage through the darker
side of the human consciousness. It’s common for people to mask what’s on the inside
and in this track we travel beyond the exterior. The lyrics are minimal with the intent of
focusing on the music itself and how it intensifies as the song progresses. On this track
we journey inward only to find ourselves spiralling out in the end.”

TUTV: This is a 24-Karat psychedelic juggernaut. A multi-guitar-layered gem
with a hallucinatory effect. Think British shoegazers Slowdive and The Jesus
And Mary Chain
teaming up and turning up the decibels.

Repeater creeps slowly but surely under your skin with its hypnotizing slo-mo
groove, its dreamy vocals and its spellbinding chorus with all burners on. It’s
a jumbo jam. For me, the track might have go on on for about 10 minutes more.
Much kudos to the one who invented the repeat(er) button. It’s a jumbo jam

No wonder this band was picked to join big psych rock
names The Black Angels and The Dandy Warhols on tour.


All 3 singles

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