Enraged Rockers MINT With Loud And Clear Wake-Up Call To Save Our Planet – Here’s ‘GOODBYE BEAUTIFUL’…

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6 February 2020

Band: MINT

Who: Hard-hitting rock engine from Grimsby, UK formed in 2018 by half Palestinian frontman Zak Rashid. Here’s their goal: “We’re as scared and angry as any other person our age. If we can provide a soundtrack for people that can relate then we have made a difference. We’re not a protest band and not every song will be a protest. We can’t afford to take a day off work and travel to London to add our voice. But we’re not just going to watch TV and read online either.”

Track: GOODBYE BEAUTIFUL – A call to arms song written by frontman Zak Rashid that encapsulates the diverse issues his generation faces. Memories of hearing ‘‘Bella Ciao’
(an Italian resistance song in WW II) sung by the sole Italian family in his area inspired
him to write a song to voice the resentments, fears and concerns of the young over the environment.

Score: This ferocious hard-rocking belter is a raging wake-up call to save our slowly dying planet. The band’s explicit message is LOUD AND CLEAR and sounds like a massive cannonball on its way to destroy Mother Earth. The inflammable intensity of this sonic hammerhead, driven by a deafening beat, fueled by tons of layers of guitar electricity and earsplitting vocals is overpowering and emphasizes that doom and gloom are just around the corner and we all need to act. NOW!

Headbang right here…

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