Energizing Canadian Rocker GRANT BOYER Arouses With His New Five-Star EP ‘ALARM BELLS’

Standout extended plays

28 March 2023

Who: Ardent Canadian singer-songwriter and founding member of Canadian rock group Golden Gate Graves, operating here with Troy Ranville (bass player/recording engineer), Braeden Kozy (producer).


Boyer: “The original plan was to go into the studio and record just one song: “De-Evolution.” After hearing a rough mix, the floodgates opened and I started writing. I had a great time making Alarm Bells, including the lead single “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again)” which charted on Canada’s Active Rock Radio. It was a lot of late nights and hard work, but it was a ton of fun. It also inspired a barrage of songs still to come. I hope you enjoy it all.”

TUTV: This 6-track EP is a mood-changing and hellacious work of music. It starts with
two heavy riff-riveting rockers (Alarm Bells / De-Evolution) with volcanic grooves and aflame guitars. Afterward the decibels go down a bit and the mood turns reflective with the mighty belter As We Wait, the affectional ballad Charlie with beautiful piano play, and
the two firm mixed-emotions musings Enough and In The Meantime.

First-rate songwriting with the monumental vox of Boyer as the loud
and proud star in the middle. A five-star achievement. Don’t miss it.

Watch the videos for Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again) and De-Evolution.

Full EP streaming on Spotify.

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