Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s German Turbo SUCK With Sharp-Knifed Punk Album ‘RIBBIT’

Standout longplayers

6 October 2022

(photo by Aylin Sengül)

Band: SUCK
Who: Hefty punk turbo
from Kassel, Germany


Jakob Fast (guitarist): “Metallica and Sabbath are the intersection that we all agree on.
While the latter have influenced my guitar style. Even though the songs are more punk than metal, that’s where they come from.” Bassist Nils Köhnken adds that “I grew up with 90s and noughties punk like Bad Religion and NOFX. Metal then came into my life more out of necessity. There were no punk groups in my area that I could join, so I played in a death metal band.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a tsunami of angry punk uppercuts and merciless
sucker-punches with Black Sabbath drones here and there. Hellish havoc with primal screams that’ll cause pogo moshpits.

Although most of the 12 Molotov cocktails do not burn longer than a Ramones song there’s no time for a pause. You need to be in good shape to follow this speeding German turbo. It’s a challenge for all you manicial motherrockers out there.

Never mind the bollocks, here’s SUCK.
With a knife between their teeth.

Singles/clips: Gravedigger / Rat King / Lucifer




Stream/buy RIBBIT below.

SUCK: 666