Punk-pop giants GREEN DAY have been around for almost 4 decades
and they are not done yet. Billie Armstrong and Co will share their 14th
full-length, baptized SAVIOURS, with the world next year, on 19 January
followed by a stadium tour with the Smashing Pumpkins and some more

First single.

The promo for all things to come has already started. Green Day played a surprise
gig in a pub in London two days ago. The set featured 13 songs including several

Watch it in full.

2024 Tour Dates right HERE.

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30 August 2023

GREEN DAY ‘s 5th LP was titled NIMROD. The title is the name of a character
from the Bible that was a hunter. In American English, it became a term for a stupid or dimwitted person as the usage is often said to have been popularized by the Looney Tunes cartoon character Bugs Bunny sarcastically referring to the hunter Elmer Fudd
as nimrod.

Artist Chris Bilheimer just had the album’s title to work with for the artwork. One of his ideas was inspired by a photo he saw, where a politician’s poster had his face removed.

He felt the image seemed to fit the band by featuring “a typical middle-age male, corporate politician American kind of guy, and someone had completely taken his identity away through vandalism.” Following that idea Bilheimer took an encyclopedia picture of men in suits and ties and put colored circles reading “nimrod” on their faces, “using that to take away the people’s identity”.

Now with criminal Donald Trump‘s recent mug shot, the band decided to use it in
the same way as it happened with that album, for an exclusive, limited T-shirt run.



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25 August 2023

American’s billionaire rockers GREEN DAY are not the young
wild punks of yesteryear anymore. They get older (we all do,
of course) and their albums get older.

Their 3rd LP DOOKIE, their breakthrough
million-seller turns 30 next year (1 Feb. 2024).

So, yes, as expected, a special anniversary box set is put together.

At the end of September, the 6xLP, 4xCD Dookie deluxe will include two distinct collections of demos, 4-Track Demos and Cassette Demos. You also get an EP’s worth
of outtakes and full live recordings of two shows, the band’s Woodstock ’94 set and a previously unreleased Barcelona concert recording from June 5, 1994.

More details and pre-order info here.

To get the fans’ attention, the 4-track demos of the 10 songs that
made it to the album are now streaming on Spotify and YouTube.

When I heard the demo of the opening track BURNOUT I pmmediaterly thought
‘What the hell, this is Buzzcocks.” That fuzzing speed, that sharp-edged punk-guitar-jangle and even Billie Joe Amstrong‘s vocals echoes somewhat the late great Pete Shelly‘s vocality. Well, that’s what my ears are hearing.

Judge for yourself.

Some more buzz (all the 4-track demos)

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Basket Cases TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP Had A Green (Sun)Day

TOYAH and husband ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson) started
their weekly Sunday Lunch Sessions as a fun pastime while
being locked up in their kitchen due to that nasty virus,
about 2 years ago.

And their clownesque performances on the 7th day
of the week are still scoring on YouTube.

This time the two basketcases had a green (Sun) day…. .

the Green Day original

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INBETWEENIES! 150 Romanian Musicians Cover GREEN DAY

What Turn Up The Volume plays/watches between two coffees today

CITYROCKS is labeled the biggest rock band in Central Europe.
The Romanian mega-group of 150 contains vocalists, guitarists,
bassists, and drummers of all ages.

They just performed at the yearly Romanian CityRocks Festival.
After covering Nirvana‘s hit ‘Come As You Are’ and Metallica‘s classic
Enter Sandman’ before they now picked Green Day cracker.
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

Quite special.
Turn it up, guys…..

The original

CityRocks: Website

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 44

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days


The Boston hardcore/metal legends drop new album Bloodmoon: I,
their collaborative album featuring Goth heroine Chelsea Wolfe
next week.

Ahead of it comes this bombastic and haunting jam.

Hell yeahhhhh…


2. ‘This Side Of The Sun’ by SHAME (UK)

At the start of this year, the South London gunslingers
released their second top album called Drink Tank Pink.

On this brand new single it’s guitars all over the place again.
Not their best effort, but a hefty hammer nonetheless.

“The whole song came together on the day we recorded it at the studio.
It’s also the first live recording we’ve ever done, we didn’t want it to sound
overworked. It’s a pure banger, listen with a piña colada in your left hand.”

Press play…


3. ‘His Ilk’ by BRONSON ARM (US)

The two-man drill machine out of Kalamazoo, MI nails it again.

This rumbling rollercoaster bulldozes its way in slow motion,
forth and back, while producing an ominous vocal brouhaha
that causes a creepy nightmare experience. Whatever the song’s
protagonist’s ilk is, it doesn’t sound like you want to be friends

Be ready…


4. ‘The Hardest Cut’ by SPOON (USA)

The Texan veterans drop their 10th LP called
Lucifer On The Sofa (great title) next year, in February.

They’re still alive and still kick as young hungry wolves,
as you’ll hear on the lead single, right here…


5. ‘Dissonance’ by VEDA RAYS (USA)

A glam synth-pop twister with a darksome Soft Cell
edge by these two Brooklyn’s nightdreamers.

From their excellent album Crucial Fictions.

Check out the vibrant vibe here…


6. ‘Holy Toledo’ by GREEN DAY (US)

This striking stroke is part of the soundtrack for
Mark, Mary & Some Other People, a new indie rom-com
about a young married couple trying out an open relationship.

Billie Joe Armstrong and his buddies do what they did throughout
their whole career, rockin’ and rollin’ without thinking too much.

Let’s hit the road…


7. ‘See Ya When I See Ya’ by MILES KANE (UK)

From his upcoming new album
Change The Show, out 21st January 2022.

Kane: ‘See Ya When I See Ya’ is about being confident in yourself and
sticking to your gut whilst letting the Jekyll and Hydes pass you by.”

With this new single, just like with the previous two, Kane travels
to the good old days for inspiration for another retro tune.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Wham Bloody GREEN DAY Bam – Here’s New Steamy Single ‘POLLYANNA’

18 May 2021

Finally, we can be optimistic about the future, as lockdowns are
abolishing in many countries around the world. A tremendous
relief for humankind.

Green Day agrees: “Better days are looking up the road,
and to celebrate we just dropped a brand new song.”

New steamy single POLLYANNA is a euphoric rocker
you can scream along on the top of your lungs. Yes,
brighter days are ahead of us. Hallelujah!

Wham Bloody Green Day Bam!

“We’re gonna take back the night/ Everything’s gonna be alright“

A monster USA/UK tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy
starts this July all the way through 2022. All dates here.

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From Rock To Folk – NAP EYES Cover GREEN DAY

6 May 2021

Who: Halifax-based indie rockers who started in 2007 / 4 albums so far

Cover: When I Come Around by Green Day from their 1994 album Dookie.

Nigel Chapman (frontman Nap Eyes): “We have always been vocal Green Day fans.
The ’90s punk stars are my longtime favorite band.”

From folk to rock, here we go…

Back to 1994 with three young snotnoses…

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Still Alive And Kicking – Here’s New Knockout ‘HERE COMES THE SHOCK’ By GREEN DAY

22 February 2021

After 35 years in the punk & punch business, GREEN DAY still shake, rattle and roll. Billie Joe Armstrong and his mates premiered a new uppercut on the National Hockey League’s TV channel yesterday.

HERE COMES THE SHOCK is a turbulent straight-in-your-face
rocker coming at you at full speed. A solid gold knockout!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Turn it up here…

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20 January 2021

It’s OVER and OUT for the worst USA president ever. Why? Because he was
a 24/7 Twitter bully, a totally incompetent me myself and I narcist, a deadly
Covid-19 denier, a megalomaniac, a professional liar, an autocratic, and a
big fan of white supremacy. Hard job, if you ask me.

Fortunately, the majority of the people of the Divided States Of America
had enough of this maniacal and dangerous patriot. More than enough!

To celebrate this ecstatic day let’s ask Green Day to turn up the heat
once more with AMERICAN IDIOT.

Bye, bye