BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG Covers 60s Beat Band THE EQUALS – Here’s Their Big Hit ‘POLICE ON MY BACK ‘

19 July 2020

Green Day’s captain BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG is one of the many artists who’s pretty productive during these bizarre isolation days sharing covers of great pop hits from
the past (like The Bangles’ Manic Monday).

Just now he dropped another cover. This time it’s an old cracker called POLICE ON MY BACK by 60s beat band The Equals led by founder Eddy Grant who started a successful solo career years later. It’s obvious why Amstrong picked this particular song, as it is about police intimidation of black people.

Listen here…

The original

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(photo on top: FB Green Day)

Veteran Punks GREEN DAY Drop New Thundering Single ‘FIRE, READY, AIM’…

New sonic impulses

10 October 2019

Seems like veteran punks GREEN DAY‘s are back again. Alive and kicking. Next year,
in February, the Californian trio will release their 13th LP called FATHER OF ALL. Last month they unleashed the rowdy title track and here ‘s  new cut number two.’FIRE, READY, AIM‘. A crazed and totally contagious rocker. Turn up the heat, here’s the audio clip…

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