Turn Up The Volume’s Top 5 Of R.E.M. Albums

1. OUT OF TIME – 7th album – 1991

Pitchfork: “Along with Nevermind, released a half year later, R.E.M.’s Out of Time was the early-’90s major-label ideal: A blockbuster that multiplied the band’s following without losing existing fans.” Score: 8.5/10

Key single: Losing My Religion

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AllMusic: “Turning away from the sweet pop of Out of Time, R.E.M. created
a haunting, melancholy masterpiece with Automatic for the People.”

Score: 10/10

Key single: Drive

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3. GREEN – 6th longplayer – 1988

Pitchfork: “Their first major label effort, their first LP to go
double platinum, the first to achieve popularity in the UK.”

Score: 8.5/10

Key single: Stand

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4. MURMUR – Debut LP – 1983

Rolling Stone: “This band’s darkness is shot through with flashes of bright light. A
restless, nervous record full of false starts and images of movement, pilgrimage, transit.”

Score: 8/10

Key single: Radio Free Europe

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5. MONSTER – 9th album – 1994

UNCUT: “These new songs were grounded in the stomp and crackle of ’70s glam rock, with Buck pulling out every effects pedal he owned and Stipe addressing his own celebrity and sexuality.” Score: 8/10

Key single: What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

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R.E.M. Released Sixth Album ‘GREEN’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

6 November 2018

Band: R.E.M.

Album: GREEN – the band’s sixth longplayer

Released: 7 November 1988 – 30 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote: “Having made the leap from a small label, I.R.S., to a monolithic major one, Warner Bros., R.E.M. hasn’t sold out; rather, the band has taken the opportunity
to crack open the shell it’s been pecking at since it recorded its first album. On ‘Green’, R.E.M. acknowledges the outside world with a slew of musical references and some relatively pointed lyrics… ‘Green’ reveals a much wider range than previous efforts, including a playfulness that wasn’t there before… R.E.M. may be dangerously close to becoming a conventional rock & roll band, but ‘Green’ proves it’s a damn good one.”
– Full review here – Score: 3.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: R.E.M. jumped from jingle indie to jangle major without selling their souls, with ‘Green‘ containing some of their best songs ever.

Three Top Tracks: Pop Song 89 / Stand / Orange Crush




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