A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Halloween is Coming With GRETCHEN SHAE & THE MIDDLE EIGHT

12 October 2022

Who: Metallic Goth-punk hit team from Boston

New single/clip: SKELETON CLOSET

SHAE: “‘Skeleton Closet’ is about the duality of social media: the public persona versus the private,” says Shae. “We don’t want people to know we are unhappy, to see the unpleasantries, so we post a photo of some lavish object we bought, or of ourselves smiling with, perhaps, people we loathe. The idea of social media as a means to connect and share all emotions has really backfired, hasn’t it? Instead, we bury our secrets. We put filters on not just our faces; we put them on our lives. And we all do it, to some extent.”

TUTV: Skeleton Closet is a metallic punk rock rollercoaster going forth and back,
exploding after a short we are so cute intro into a crushing hell-o-ween slam dunk
to scare your Dr. Jekykl and Mr. Hyde neighbors and all the double personalities
on social media (most of us). It’s a nightmare on Gretchen Shae Street soundtracked
with be-witch-ing vocals, guitar-creepy attacks and a scream-movie chorus.

Whatever you do on Halloween, don’t fall asleep.

Release the skeletons here…

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