London’s Punk Fireball NEVER BETTERS Explodes When Looking At ‘PICTURES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 February 2018

Base: London, Canada
Pick: PICTURES – first single from upcoming split EP with kindred havoc spirits Grievances
Score: What a furious crackerjack this boiling burst is. The caterwauling hullabaloo starts with scratchy firework guitars flipping out just before frontwoman April Romano‘s howling vox kicks in and takes your breath away. Here’s a remarkable voice reminding me of two
of the most memorable British punk vocalists ever: Poly Styrene, the great, late mastermind of X-Ray Spex and Pauline Murray (remember pop punks Penetration?). A mighty shattering mix of primal screams and melodic intensity. Meanwhile heavy, tempestuous drum throbs invigorate the overall inflammable stamina of this staggering smack and compete fiercely with the far-out guitar solo in the cracking end. Two words: SMASHING PERFORMANCE!

Here’s the nostalgic clip…

“The video portrays common narratives we go through in life. Heartbreak, finding autonomy, shitty relationships, and reckless choices come to mind. Often the nostalgia felt for these memories is influenced by movies, TV and music, rather than our own actual experience. Pictures allow us to have our own story, not someone else’s fiction” says director Just Krar.

4-Track split EP ‘Guns + Roses’ Roses’ with Grievances
will be out 16 March – info here on Bandcamp

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