DARKROOM DATA Seduces With Electronic Dreamtime Vibe ‘GROOTVATTA’

New sonic impulses…

27 May 2021

Who: Irish vocalist Gillian NoVa and Brazilian composer Márcio Paz.
They blend electro-pop with atmospheric rock, aesthetically reminiscent
of Chromatics

New single: GROOTVATTA (feat. The System)

“Groovatta is an invitation to step inside the curious smoke, like an anxious
bird, flying to nowhere. Equally absent, equally present. Free-falling in a deep
ocean of reverb and climbing on the spine of an arpeggiator, to rediscover all
the things you will never live again and embrace the blank spaces of life, that
can become anything.

The track is a playful collage of sound and features
a distinctive sample from 80s, UK band The System.

Score: The soft moments of Chvrches and the soulfulness of Sade come
to mind. The ongoing synth riff throughout the trip has a hypnotic effect
and sensual vocals create a romantic mood with a cloud nine feel.

A dreamtime vibration.

I wanna love you
I wanna love you
the way I want to
I want to take you over…