CLAIRE RIDGELY – Montreal Songstress’ Love Feels Like A ‘SHOTGUN’…

New sonic impulses

4 September 2019


Montreal singer/songwriter CLAIRE RIDGLEY has her brand new
single out. A cheery lovey-dovey R & B tune called ‘SHOTGUN‘.

When you’re first starting out with a new love, things feel a little unsteady, but so full
of passion”
says Ridgely about the flaming sentiments for her lover. We should have more amorous and upbeat earworms like this. Oh yeah, the world would be a far better place with more love and less intolerance, like those Fab Four out of Liverpool sang years ago about the only thing that can save humankind… ‘All You Need Is Love‘.

Catch the highly sprightly vibe right here…


(photo: Malick Issa)