JOHN E VISTIC Unleashes Diabolic Energy On Hells Bells Hammer Blow ‘GUNZ GERMZ AND STEAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 October 2023

Who: Multi-instrumentalist & award-winning London born
(raised in Australia) Bristol dwelling singer-songwriter.

New track/video: GUNZ GERMZ AND STEAL
Blistering piece from forthcoming EP, titled Humanz Are Bastardz,
out November 10 via Deaf Endling Collective.

Artwork new EP

TUTV: With crash-slash-and-smash hammer blows like this crushing one, you can
test the resilience of your stereo. Gunz Germz and Steal is insanity in sonic motion, swinging forth and back to attack over and over again, fired-up by chainsaw guitars
and diabolic howls to scare the shit out of Ozzy Osbourne.

Looks and sounds as if Doomsday is just around the corner along with Iggy Pop
who will be the merciless Judge. But ahead of the big bang play this out loud on
Halloween, your neighborhood will never be the same again. Hells bells!

The video is a tribute to the late great Kurt Cobain, recorded on the anniversary
of his death. You will see lots of objects and references to the famous Nirvana video
in the shoot. The song itself references the book by American scientist/author
Jaren Diamond.


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