Mysterious And Paranoid – From New Orleans Here’s GUTS CLUB With ‘SONG FROM CARM’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


11 June 2020


Who: “Guts Club have been releasing music, in various iterations, since 2015.
Their third 2018 LP Trench Foot is a brill country-blues record. Check it, folks!

Track: SONG FOR CARM  – a mediation on the Sopranos TV show theme song.

Score: Resonates like the paranoid outcome of three months of isolation to my ears.
A monotone, mysterious soundscape that could easily feature in a David Lynch movie
or in a psych-o-tic version of The Sopranos. Best played on your earphones when the darkness sets in. Yes, I know, spooky and ghostly.

Press play and shiver…

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