British Country Songstress KIER Inspires To Live Life To The Full With Debut Single ‘GYSPSIES CASTLE’

3 June 2023

Artist: KIER
Who: A singer/songwriter – full name Kier Burke – from South Yorkshire.
She has been writing songs since a young age and is ready to twist the
boundaries of country music.

First shared cut from her upcoming debut LP

The song is inspired by the harsh reality of losing her friend Lulu at just
19 years of age from cancer, this is a powerful reminder that life is precious.

KIER: “This is more than just a song to me. At just 19, Lulu urged thousands like me
to take risks, to love fiercely, and to laugh with abandon. This song is a call to stop fretting about things beyond our control and instead pursue your joy and passion every day. ‘Gypsies Castle’ is dedicated to spreading Lulu’s message to the world – don’t sweat the small stuff, prioritise your happiness and love and live without regrets. As we like to say – live like Lulu.

TUTV: As we all know music can have a healing, comforting and cathartic power.
It always has, but it also helps one to go forward without fear or regrets and enjoy
life from day to day, as the unfortunate friend of KIER did. This message is wrapped
in a catchy country melody. Romantic Americana, the English way. The star of the tune
is KIER’s voice. Crystal pure and entrancing. A beauteous debut.

Tune in.

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