ZACK CONDON And BEIRUT Deliver Their 6th Album In November – Hear The First Sepia-Colored Single ‘SO MANY PLANS’ Here

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31 August 2023

(press photo)

BEIRUT, the musical project/band of ZACK CONDON just proclaimed the arrival of
their new – 6th – album, named HADSEL. It’ll see the day of light on November 10.
Pre-order info here.

Hadsel is a Norwegian city where Condon stayed
for 2 months during the first lockdown in 2020.

Along with the announcement, we get the first single, titled SO MANY PLANS.

Condon: “The song was written during the first lockdown in 2020, just when I came back from a two months long period of writing and recording in northern Norway. A friend’s lament on their many plans that had to be put on ice became the initial inspiration for this song’s title. That phrase still stuck in my head, I sat down in my attic studio with my newly rediscovered baritone uke and started playing the first chords to the song. I then added pump organ and some french horn to it, which became somewhat of a triptych for the record. I finished it off with bass and percussion from the modular synth, my big obsession at that time. During the writing process the simple sentence that had started the song came to mean much more than its original intent.”

Condon has one of the most moody/melancholic voices I ever heard and it fits his moody/melancholic music like a glove. So Many Plans is a very familiar-sounding Beirut
lullaby. Sepia-colored as usual, and again flavoured with mourning Mexican trumpets.

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