Belgian Wall-Of-Clamorous Noise Maniacs PINK ROOM Unleash ‘HAIL SATAN’ Remix

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 August 2021

(photo by TUTV)

Band: PINK ROOM (Belgium)
Who: Deafening turbo from Belgium

The InsaneSpaceMountainThunderDomeMIX by Micha Volders

Last March these wall-of-clamorous-noise maniacs released their
second LP (stream below), titled Putain Royale.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “The essential message of this new powerhouse
album is loud and clear: noise-challenging turbo Pink Room is here to stay! Their
tsunami energy is beyond any decibel regulation. Again, loudmouth Bart Cocquyt
leads the rip-roaring troops. As I said before, his vocal range is out-of-this-world.”

One of the albums’ boiling singles was HAIL SATAN. A badass motherrocker
now remixed under the banner: InsaneSpaceMountainThunderDomeMIX.

A filthy, fervid, and fanatical piece of fucktasy.

Release the bats…

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