RADIOHEAD – 6th Album ‘HAIL TO THE THIEF’ Released 20 Years Ago

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10 June 2023

Capricious superstars RADIOHEAD had their 6th LP, named
HAIL TO THE THIEF out 20 years ago, on 9 June 2003.

The album’s lyrics were influenced by what Yorke called “the general
sense of ignorance and intolerance and panic and stupidity” following the
2000 election of US president George W. Bush.

Pitchfork: “Radiohead have largely succeeded in their efforts to shape pop
music into as boundless and possible a medium as it should be”
Score: 9/10.

TUTV: Hail To The Thief isn’t really one of my fav Radiohead albums. But guess what?
As I write these words I’m listening to it, and damn, it sounds much better than I can remember. I guess I gave up on it too soon back then.

Press play.

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RADIOHEAD Released Their Sixth Album ‘HAIL TO THE THIEF’ 15 Years Ago…

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9 June 2018



Released: 9 June 2003

ROLLING STONE wrote: ” ‘Hail To The Thief’ is a product of its moment: recorded in late
2002, during the American and British governments’ slow, inevitable march to Iraq, of which lead singer Thom Yorke was an outspoken opponent. Hail is filled with images of monstrous, Orwellian force from which there is no escape. On ‘Sit down. Stand up’ Yorke assumes the
voice of Big Brother, giving rote, meaningless orders — ‘Sit down/Stand up’ — over and over. With equal parts whine and sneer, he says, “We can wipe you out anytime.” Radiohead have always been paranoid and pessimistic, but thanks to recent history, people who used to seem paranoid now seem prudent.”
Score: 4/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: A haunting, hypnotic and hair-raising record from
one of the most creative and visionary bands of all time. Never duplicating themselves. Always challenging and exploring new sonic fields. Always strikingly opinionated and
arresting, time and again.

: Sit Down Stand Up / 2 + 2 = 5 / There, There

* SIT DOWN STAND UP‘Walk into the jaws of hell’

* 2 + 2 = 5‘I’ll stay home forever / Where two and two always makes a five’

THERE, THERE‘Just ’cause you feel it / Doesn’t mean it’s there’

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