Three Times Gorgeous – MOSCOW APARTMENT Shines On New Brisk Track ‘NEW GIRL’

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18 June 2020

Toronto’s up and coming, folk imbued indie rock-pop teenagers
MOSCOW APARTMENT, Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, will release
their second EP, titled BETTER DAUGHTER on 10th July.

Last month the highly crafted singer-songwriters enthralled with
alluring and romantic pearl Halfway. And here’s track two, NEW GIRL.

It’s “misogyny and catcalling that served as the impetus behind ‘New Girl’. There was one
week where we were cat called probably 10 times. We felt fed up and wanted to write a song about men not respecting women’s boundaries, especially in public”
said the young artists.

NEW GIRL is more uptempo and brisker than Halfway. Its lively and bodacious groove pushed by a vivacious beat, shining guitars, and colored with the glamorous tandem’s golden voices make your aural antenna tremble instantly. It’s the sickly sticky tune you want to play, out loud, on your car radio with the windows open, driving along the beach while the sun is high up there in the sky. These ladies sound gorgeous, write gorgeous tunes, and look gorgeous. Rose-colored vividness for the summer. Listen up, all you
dumb machos, there are two new girls in town! Show r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

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Alluring And Romantic – MOSCOW APARTMENT Shared New Amorous Single ‘HALFWAY’

New sonic impulses…

8 May 2020

MOSCOW APARTMENT is singer-songwriter duo Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla.
Aged only 17 and 18 and tremendously skilled. They will release their sophomore EP BETTER DAUGHTER next June. The EP presents an evolution of their sound from acoustic beginnings to the freedom they now enjoy playing live in a full band, which is translated
in Better Daughter’s layered arrangements.

Ahead of it comes new delightful single ‘HALFWAY‘. A charming, tender, and romantic rainbow with a lovey-dovey glow. These starry-eyed teenagers know exactly how to
shape catchy and high-quality tunes while their sensual voices bring The Pretenders iconic frontwoman Chrissie Hynde and Sharon Van Etten‘s moodiest moments to mind. Halfway‘s amorous pop sensibility leads to a dreamy state of mind. Lovely.

The future for Moscow Apartment looks marvelous and glimmering.
A shiny light in these dramatic isolation days.

Feel the vibe here…