Experimental Psych Duo THE DROOD Invite You To Their HALLOW Labyrinth

New striking strokes

15 March 2023

Artists: THE DROOD
Who: A musical duo from Denver, Colorado that embraces gloomy atmospheres.
There is an other-worldliness and intensity to their music, and a fascinating overlap between mysticism and skepticism. The Drood encourages us to dive-in and feel
a path to comprehension, rather than drown in the ignorance of our shadow-side.
They have two albums (so far) on their résumé.

New single: HALLOW.
A song about people who like to worship.
Released via Emergency Hearts.

Amazing artwork

TUTV: Expect a wayward, twist-and-turn psych jam with a rattling drum beat, a hooking bass riff, a guitar riff hitchhiking the ride now and then, and spaced-out vocals adding a hallucinatory effect. At first, it feels like being lost in a labyrinth looking for the exit, but after a couple of spins, it all comes together organically. By then you’re trippin’ in that labyrinth with joy. Maybe you should worship The Drood.

“You are not the strength which you so desperately project
Nor are you simply the despair into which you egress
When the meat becomes aware that it’s aware at last
You’ll seek out magick through communion with the shadowcast

Indulgent bites cost a hefty price

You’ve been riding your low too long
Hunger pangs exacerbate your salivating maw
Your prey escaped imprisonment but sucked dry
By vampirism masked as kindness feeding on the sly

Indulgent bites cost a hefty price.”


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