HANA PIRANHA – Natural Born Rock Star Stuns With High-Powered Single ‘LORELEI’

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29 October 2023

Who: Singer/multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, and
moved to England at the age of twelve to pursue her dream of becoming a concert violinist. Disillusioned with the world of classical music, she began pushing boundaries both in art and in life – the two becoming so intertwined that it became hard to know where one ended and the other began. To Piranha, life is nothing but an opportunity to create art, which is why she opens her diary so candidly to the world.

Piranha: “Lorelei was inspired by my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a really abusive relationship with. I feel lucky to have actually survived that relationship, it was just really dark, so the song is about that quite explicitly. I chose Lorelei, a mythical mermaid who lures sailors to their deaths, so it makes it a bit of a revenge song too. It’s why we chose to make the music video underwater”.

New single: LORELEI

Info: On hearing ‘Lorelei’ and seeing the video, it’s easy to see where Piranha’s influences reside. Woven into the fabric are catchy synth lines reminiscent of Muse or Nine Inch Nails, squalling string arrangements like PJ Harvey, and the presence of crunching guitars that round out all great rock anthems.

The song features on her new album, titled ‘Wingspan, out on 17th November.

Impressive single artwork

TUTV: Lorelei could be on the soundtrack of a rock opera with its rich
orchestration and robust roller coaster structure. Piranha‘s voice pushes
this high-powered stunner, from spoken-word verses to monumental
vocals on the chorus, to a melodramatic high.

The magnetizing impact of the instrumental synth-driven part, midway,
creates a sonic tension that evolves into a stirring finale fading out
with haunting violins and an enigmatic rustle. Piranha looks/sings like
a natural-born rock star.

Top score!



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