BE YOUR OWN PET – Nashville Power Punks Back After 15 Years With Their Great ‘MOMMY’

26 August 2023

Nashville‘s inflammable garage rockers BE YOUR OWN PET had some
bonkers fun between 2004-2008, vanished into oblivion afterward, but
last year they couldn’t stop themselves from coming back and starting
to play an endless series of gigs.

And now it’s new music time. The revitalized bloodhounds have
a new, their 3rd LP, titled MOMMY out. Order info here.

Pearl (frontwoman): “By telling our stories and sharing our truth,
we can gain power back from a situation where we felt powerless.
Mommy is the bitch in charge, the one in control. It’s a reclamation
of myself.”

NME: “After 15 years away, the Nashville punks are back, bold and
better than before. The band are back with ‘Mommy’, more evidence that
even after a decade the angst and ferocity that put them on the map never

TUTV: After 2 albums and 15 years (!) BYOP still have tons of vitality, pizzaz
and sinewy corkers to offer. Battle-axe frontwoman Pearl still has demons to
fight with, and I assure you, you don’t want to be one of them. 11 spunky cry-outs.
Combative, bad-tempered, sharp, raw and LOUD. They truly have a great Mommy.

Singles/clips: Goodtime! / Hand Grenade / Worship The Whip





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