SLAVES – Garage Punk Bolide Inflamed Mad Moshpit On Sweaty Halloween Night In … GHENT BELGIUM

SLAVES – Handelsbeurs Ghent, Belgium – 31 October 2018

With programming British booming and hammering tandem SLAVES on Halloween night, you have a red-hot-blooded winner. I’ve seen and (most of all) heard this loud and bloody clear 2-motor garage punk bolide several times before. This is one hell of a rip-roaring mad-for-it party unit. And they maked-up themselves appropriately last night in my busy hometown of Ghent for a razzle-dazzle bogeymen noise orgy. As I experienced before
this glorious scream-along outlaws developed again a deafening energy above decibel-normality. Again their riotous impact started a non-stop crowded moshpit. Again their
in-your-face-honesty was just fucking (the most used adjective of the night) contagious
and we all yelled along at the top of our oiled lungs. Even after three blustery albums this committed kick-ass powerhouse keeps on slamming a variety of daily reality shit – racism, sexism, narcissism, consumerism, capitalism and many other evil ism’s that divided our troubled planet painfully the past few years… again – and when they hit a stage they do
it with and for the audience. No pompous nonsense, no snobbish bollocks, no irritant patronizing. Slaves keep it simple, clear-cut and speak/shout from their worried hearts.

If you never heard of these two human molotov cocktails
then here’s a splendidly messy idea of their live power

And here some photos from yesterday’s pandemonium

Da joker is in da house

Cheer up, Ghent, it’s not that bad

Voodoo gathering

All together now

“I still can see you”

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(all photos by Turn Up The Volume!)