A Dog’s Life With PETER DOHERTY And Monsieur FRÉDÉRIC LO In Belgium

On stage

16 May 2022

Libertine and babyshamble PETER DOHERTY who lives in Paris, France for
some time now, still does what he loves the most, writing/producing real-life
reveries for romantic hearts and longing souls.

His most recent work is a sparkling thing of beauty made with French
musician FRÉDÉRIC LO who composed the mesmerzing music.

THE FANTASY LIFE OF POETRY & CRIME’ is a record to play when you’re feeling lazy,
and in the mood for doing nothing but daydreaming while lying in a green field enjoying the Spring sun. What you get from this match made in French heaven duo are romantic lullabies with violins, piano and smooth horns, sweet little pop ditties, and sepia-colored tunes that transfer you to a place far away from the cruel reality. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best longlayers of 2022.

Last Wednesday the match made in heaven duo and their band played in my hometown
of Ghent, Belgium. It felt like poetry in motion with, mostly, songs from the new LP, a couple of Libertines tunes, and his amorous rendition of Wolfman‘s pearl For Lovers.

Frédéric Lo impressed me and the audience’s ears with his glittering guitar splendor,
think Dire Straits’ Mark Knofler, giving the songs a majestic glow. Fantastique.

Pete brought a very special guest along. His beloved dog, that was on the podium,
laying down here and there throughout the concert. Utterly strange, but totally funny
and cool.

Flashes of this show still pop up, now and then, on the screen in my head.
Yes, it was one of those rare, heartwarming shows with a lasting feel-good impact.

Poetry in motion


A dog’s life