HANDS Up For Canadian Artist MANDOLYNNE And Her New Liberating Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

26 June 2021

Who: An emerging indie-alternative artist
from Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Mandolynne met with a string of tragedies from a young age, used
writing as a tactile way to explore her dark thoughts and verbalize her
internal reactions to her surroundings. Her lyrics are a direct reflection
of her lived experiences and have enabled her to face many demons,
including sexual assaults, a tragic car accident, as well as her troubled
and dysfunctional upbringing.

Single: HANDS

Mandolynne: “When we exit abusive situations, they leave an imprint
that impacts us for years moving forward. Writing my new song, “HANDS,”
has allowed me to release a weight I had been holding onto for so long

Turn Up the Volume:: Mandolynne not only gets rid of her nasty
demons, but she kicks them into oblivion with this walloping disco
banger. Brisk, high-energetic and totally confident. She liberates
herself of mind-crushing memories, while having fervid fun along
her swirling way.

Hands up, ladies and gents…

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