CRAWLERS – Impassioned Alt Liverpool Quartet Strike With Powerful Perfomance Of Their Powerful Sonic Image ‘HANG ME LIKE JESUS’

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24 October 2022

Who: Alternative Liverpool 4-piece
speaking/playing/screaming out.

From their new mixtape Loud Without Noise
out this Friday, 28 October. Order-info here.

Holly Minto (vocalist) of the song: “It was originally written about feeling like a burden to
my partner when I was ill. After the relationship, I realised that I wasn’t being a burden, I was just trying to recover. ‘Hang me like Jesus’ is obviously a metaphor, how Jesus felt like he was sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Which is what I felt like I did for this relationship. Not comparing myself to Jesus at all, but I really gave my whole self and expected nothing back because I thought I was in love. Hurts man. But hey, fell in love again, didn’t I?”

Turn Up The Volume: This is a pitch-black, terrifically impassionated cry out that sends shivers down your spine. Profound post-break-up sentiments can tear you apart and cause trauma. The way it’s translated here into this heartbreaking ballad is heavy, really heavy. The song’s cutting impact goes deeper and deeper along its mesmeric progression. Goosebumps.

Powerful song.
Powerful image.
Powerful performance…

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