Robust Trio WE DEMAND PARACHUTES Turn Up The Heat On ‘HANGOVER YOU’ Slam From Their New EP

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12 November 2022

Who: Indie rock trio hailing from New England, US.
The group was incepted by three members. W.D.P.
aims to balance a nostalgic rock sound with big pop
hooks, inspired to transpose experiences via songwriting.

Opener of their brand new 4-track EP, titled
Outside The Null Field (stream/buy below).

“To us, this EP tells the story of getting older and realizing that following your dreams
isn’t easy, pretty, or always realistic,” they add. “We’ve been a band for so long that has
only released singles. For us this is the first body of work that has a cohesive vision that
we’ve put out as a band and we couldn’t have put more of our heart and soul into it. We
think the record is a great reflection of who we are, where our sound is headed and the
band we have grown into.”

TUTV: Suppose Green Day and Blink 182 would retire, then this hot-blooded
trio can fill their place with their titanic wall-of-multi-layered-guitar sound,
their moshpit creating vehemence and towering choruses like they serve here.
Loud and clear!

Can you play that one she said
It’s my favorite song
Can we drink in the dark
Never get hungover you
Can you turn it up she said
Because it’s stuck in my head
Can we drink in the dark
Never get hungover you

Stream/buy the EP here…

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