Best killer tracks of the month…

Eleven superb tracks that energized my sonic
bloodstream this month. From roaring to moody,
from shaky to gloomy. Here is the sonic dope…

1. ‘Hot Slick’ by PINS
Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting bangers of the year! Utterly cool!

2. ‘Scavengers’ by MECHANIMAL (Greece)
A high-powered industrial, darkwave drone that will blow you of your socks…

3.’Conveyor’ by LICE (Bristol, UK)
Ominous and thunderous jackhammer. Armageddon is just around the corner…

4. ‘See What I See‘ by SINKA (Watford, England)
A powerhouse smack and ear-splitting outburst that will trash your speakers…

5. ‘Paranoiacs’ by CHEMTRAILS (Manchester, UK)
A flaming ripper that encourages you to get up in the morning and kick some macho ass…

6. ‘Dreams Like Drugs’ by LIONS OF DISSENT: LIONS OF DISSENT  (Wolverhampton, UK)
Transcendent psychedelia at its dazzling best. Sonic dope to get eight miles high to…

7. ‘Hopeless Romantic’ by OH BROTHER (UK)
Flamboyant razzmatazz! Cracking stuff! Rocking dynamism…

8. ‘Talking About You Man’ by PLASTIC SUN (UK)
This cutting indie power-pop stroke is a biting rejection of appalling toxic masculinity…

9. ‘Babanod‘ by HMS MORRIS (Wales)
An endearing art-pop pearl and mesmeric electro beauty. A spine-tingling experience…

10. ‘Your Days’ by LES FLÂNEURS feat. HANNA TURI
Colourful, sparkling, romantically orchestrated musing that puts a big smile on your face…

11. ‘Holiday’ by ATTAWALPA (London based, UK)
A sensual, soothing slo-mo groove with a glam touch reflecting the desire to drift away…

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See/hear you next month…

LES FLÂNEURS Feat. HANNA TURI Enthrall With Moony Pop Pearl ‘YOUR DAYS’…

New sonic impulses

7 February 2020


Who: A project started by Italian producer Alessandro Marchetti, who’s also
a member of indie band Il Disordine delle Cose.. Les Flâneurs’ sound ranges
between indie, electronic and folk, with a significant use of synths, drum machines
and orchestral sections. It’s a sort of collective project, with Alessandro working as
‘director’ and producer, in which everyone has brought their talents helping
to improve the songs.

Track: YOUR DAYS – new single featuring the wonderful
voice of Swedish singer and composer Hanna Turi

Score: This is what captivating pop is all about. A colourful, sparkling and
romantically orchestrated melody that puts a big smile on your face. An
enchanting, crystal voice you fall in love with instantly and a moony chorus
that sticks from the first spin. ‘Your Days‘ leaves you with a glowing feel and
a delightful sentiment. Just beautiful! A pop pearl to embrace and cherish!

Millions of dreams and your aiming right through them
These are your days, what you’re gonna do with ’em
Thousands of goals but no direction
These are your days, what you’re gonna do with ’em

Enjoy right here…

LES FLÂNEURS: Facebook / HANNA TURI: Facebook