SUGARBUNNY – Vocal Passion And Sonic Melodrama On Debut Single ‘SUN’

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27 January 2023

Who: Fresh Belgian outfit, fronted by grand vox and songwriter
Hannah Vandenussche
(from magical electro act Rumours) and backed
by seasoned musicians, bassist/co-songwriter Mirko Banovic (damn I
miss Arno), drummer Joris Casier (Stake) and Jasper Morel (Black Box

Debut single: SUN

TUTV: What an arousing debut. Sun shines through its vocal passion
and sonic fervency. Hannah Vandenbussche‘s supreme vocality brings the
energy-charged resonance of Florence Welch to mind, while her surrounding
musicians build a towering wall-of-melodramatic as big as the Cathedral
of their hometown. As I said, what an arousing debut!

You, you can have it all if you want
You can even pull the heartstrings
You can take me anywhere
To the sun where we can be
You can put my mind at ease
Until the city wakes me up
Will you take me as I am

Listen and watch femme fatale Sugarbunny in the twilight middle.

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