THE LAST HURRAH (!!) – Nostalgic Americana The Norway Way

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7 October 2023

Who: The brainchild of seasoned Norwegian
singer-songwriter Hans Petter Gundersen

New single: DUSTY ROAD

The third shared single to be lifted from Modern Nostalgia, out on 27 October.
Akin to a mini road-movie in song, it sees band founder and leader HP Gundersen
again leading a superb group of musicians, while it is sung by musician/actor Foster
and also features the pedal steel guitar playing of Marty Rifkin.

Gundersen: “I wrote it with Leslie Ahern (lyrics) several years ago and have always been fond of it. It’s like a little film. I always imagined that a man would have to sing it. Soulful, musical poets accustomed to being out on a winter’s night.”

TUTV: Dusty Road is a smooth mid-tempo country musing with a bluesy feel and both
a melancholic and yearning sensitivity. Warm voice, captivating melody, vintage pedal
steel guitar charm. All the matching ingredients for a sweet sepia-colored nugget.

HP Gundersen cites big stars Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, Leon Russell, Lowell George,
and Tom Waits
as influences. My ears add the Eagles, especially the vibe of their soft
gems on 1975 LP One Of These Nights. Nostalgic Americana the Norway way.



Album artwork

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