Starry-Eyed Artist AUDRI Shares Spellbinding Clip For New Single ‘HARBOR ME’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


25 March 2020

(photo by Shane Kroes)

Artist: AUDRI

Who: Audri has been singing and playing the piano ever since she was a kid. Over time she started sharpening her skills as a songwriter and alto took up an interest in production these past years. Her first EP Fool’s Gold was released mid-October 2018.

Track: HARBOR ME from her upcoming second EP ‘Paper Planes‘ out on 24 April
Audri about the lyrical content of the song: “‘Harbor Me’ is me trying to solve a puzzle. I don’t want to say it’s about anxiety, because everyone seems to have that nowadays. I wrote this song after my teacher mentioned the phrase ‘La maladie du siècle’. Restlessness. Wanting something to worship, all while trying to be your own person. Our generation seems to be so aware of the process of coming of age, and we seem to fluctuate between fighting it and going along with it. We enjoy being rebels, but it’s also scary as fuck.”

Score: This trippy and dancey humdinger tickles your aural antenna from the very start. Audri‘s starry-eyed voice reminds you instantly of the otherworldly tonality of a young Kate Bush while the playful, catching rhythm of clapping flamenco hands and glimmering guitar touches, invite you to do a little dance. A sparkling light in these troubled times.

The wondrous accompanying video clip,
directed by Jaan Stevens & Ammen Simpson
fits the enchanting timbre of ‘Harbor Me
perfectly well.

Watch the beauty here …

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You can also stream HARBOR ME on Spotify