Northern Irish Post-Punk Heroes THERAPY? Still Have Riff-Roaring ‘JOY’

New striking strokes

14 March 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Northern Irish rock heroes Therapy? have been around like
forever since they started making post-punk havoc in 1989.

The trio just announced album number 16. It’s baptized
and will hit the streets on 5th May.

Pre-order info here.

Andy Cairns (singer/guitarist): “We didn’t want to make a lockdown record because people have been through enough. When we began to rehearse these songs, we realised there was an empathetic quality to them. We wanted to make something that was a bit more relatable, and less standoffish and claustrophobic – which we have a history of, and it stands in places – but we wanted to make something more approachable and open.”

The first single is titled JOY

Cairns: “Joy started with a term from Waiting For Godot, by Samuel Beckett, this wonderful line: ‘habit is a great deadener’. I just love that word, ‘dead-en-er’. It’s an amazing word. People get themselves into these habits, and the next thing you know, their life is over and they’ve only lived in a very small circle of experience, often through choice, which is scary.”

Joy is a rumbling and riff-roaring rocker rollin’ with high-electrical panache and going in overdrive on the chorus. The Northern Irish steamroller seems to have fun, so should you.

Tune in.

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