International HARDCORE HELP Compilation – 108, Yes, 108 Drones For Charity

16 May 2022


“A new benefit sampler to help raise money to support refugees, people who are stranded in Ukraine and those that had to flee the country losing everything they had. This compilation features punk, hardcore and metal bands from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, China, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Ghana, Morocco, Tunesia, Venezuela, Brasil, Philippines, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, France, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Israel, Argentina, Spain. A worldwide solidarity initiative! We thank all the bands for donating their music.”

100% of the compilation proceeds go to Hardcore Help Foundation. A non-profit organization based in Germany that works with locally established organizations on various community based projects. Founded in the year 2011. We support healthcare, education, disability, and disaster relief projects in several countries. You can support
us by donating funds and goods. Money we use to cover up the logistics and to keep our projects running locally and abroad. We collect band merchandise and goods like warm clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, books, toys, wheelchairs, hospital beds, therapeutic and medical aid. If you can help us with any of this, please get in touch by e-mail:

Turn Up The Volume
: 108 blasts, yes, 108. If you like your music VERY LOUD, this is
what you need to feed your hungry ears, raise your adrenaline production, and test
your stereo’s resilience. Expect tons of punk punches, hardcore hullabaloo, riff-roaring rock ‘n’ roll and huge doses of illegal decibels.

An endless marathon of hard-and-fast concrete with an immediate impact on your physical and psychological condition. You don’t need your shrink anymore. Use your money to buy this jumbo compilation (only digitally) for a ridiculous price and help refugees!

Right here, right now