HAREHOUND – Indie Trio Double Your Adrenalin Production With Their New Sky-Scraping Cry Out ‘DEVIL MAY CARE’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

21 June 2023

Who: Indie trio from Toronto led by Rebecca Raabis who has been writing and performing for over 10 years and has made some major milestones, such as having songs on Netflix (Ben’s at Home), opening for Marianas Trench, and having a song appear on Toronto‘s TV series Rookie Blue.

New single: DEVIL MAY CARE
From their new self-titled EP. A boisterous
effort with 6 vociferous pieces. Stream below.

Raabs: “The song was inspired by my own goals and to do what makes me happy in spite of the scrutiny and opinions of others. The term “devil may care” suggests the willingness to take risks and the lack of concern for what others may think or how things may turn out. It also implies a sense of adventure and daring, as well as a willingness to embrace uncertainty and to live in the moment.”

Credit: Rebecca Raabis

TUTV: My oh my, this jumbo belter doubles your adrenalin production from the
kick-off. Devil May Care is an exuberant cry out brisked up by pummeling drum hits, metallic guitars, and Rebecca Raabis sky-scraping vocals, think Sharon den Adel, the immense vox of Dutch metal pop heroes Within Temptation.

Harehound fuse pop, metal and punk disco in one and the same song. My oh my.
And expect a chorus that will blow your socks off. If that’s not enough to go your own
way and play this outburst on repeat, then I don’t know what will. Super-duper score!



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