HARMS Displays His Vocal Intensity On Captivating Track ‘CAR OUTSIDE’…

New sonic impulses


22 November 2018

Artist: HARMS

Who: Singer/songwriter Jake Harms based in Brooklyn, New York

Track: CAR OUTSIDE – title track from upcoming solo debut EP, out 30 November ‘Aquarium” via Good Eye Records. Harms says about the song: “In my mind, it’s a series
of classic images — a chorus that asks someone for a chance at happiness, and an ending the asks an open-ended, unanswerable question. It plays like a series of fragmented movie scenes to me, like a Lynchian drama.

Score: Vocally singer/songwriter Jake Harms balances between Robert Smith‘s dusk
tone and Jeff Buckley‘s aural devotion. ‘Car Outside‘ is intense, profound, darkish and overwhelmingly compelling. A spellbinding quest that digs deep. Capture the whole- souled performance here..

HARMS: Facebook

(photo on top: FB – Harms)