Psychedelic Boston Dreamers VIOLET NOX Take You On A Space Odyssey

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 August 2021


Who: Electronic-experimental, dark ambient, sonic cosmic drone
collaborative project with spacey shoegaze textural walls of sound,
using synths, guitar, effect pedals, turntables, vocals, drum machines,
and beats.

Single: HAUMEA
From new excellent EP Whispering Galaxy

If Syd Barrett wasn’t kicked out of the band, Pink Floyd‘s mega masterpiece
Dark Side Of The Moon would have sounded far more spacey, adventurous and uncompromising. Yes, something like this sonic hallucination, with multiple layers
of scintillating synths designing the fitting atmosphere for a 2021 Space Odyssey.
Add ghostly voices, otherworldly electronica sounds, and hazy reverberations and
what you get in the end is the tantalizing theme track for a  new sci-fi movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating in space…

Can’t get enough?
Here’s the EP in full…

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