5 New Indie Injections – Week 43 – 2022

Five new rad indie cuts to recharge your batteries with, weekly

24 October 2022

Who: A singer-songwriter, performer, and producer,
currently based in the East Midlands of England.


It’s the first single of her upcoming debut album Living Rooms, out on 20 January 2023.
A record that will tell stories of multiple lives lived and lost in the city, of friendships that meant everything and the characters you’ll never meet again, of transience and loneliness, and of getting by and moving on; it promises to be every bit as enrapturing and
enigmatic as the artist at its core.

Two experimental artists popped up in my mind upon hearing Quintessential England. Firstly legend Kate Bush because of the capricious turn and twist pop briskness at play here and also Goldfrapp‘s ghostly vocality. Need to know more? I don’t think so. Yes, something special is coming up…

FE SALOMON: Facebook – Instagram

Artist: DAZY
Who: The moniker of Richmond, VA-based
musician James Goodson

New single: ON MY WAY

From his upcoming debut album OUTOFBODY – a 12-song / 25-minute debut that was narrowed down from over 100 songs. Perfect bite-sized fuzzed-out pop songs that will
get stuck in your head like bubblegum. Out 28 October via Lame-O Records.

On My Way is a glam wham-bam psych juggernaut that
activates your adrenalin stream on the spot. Bingo.

Start here…

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Who: Louisville-based songstress making music
somewhere between daydream punk and overcast pop.

Track/video: DIERN
From her new 3-track EP
Nobody Parties (Like Molly).

Molly O’Malley “I think this is the first ‘diss’ track I’ve ever written. Felt really good to write.
It’s about having a friendship with a narcissist, and all the ways they try to bring their friends down around them. Fun fact about this song is that it was written and recorded on one of Joe Trohman (of Fall Out Boy)’s guitars.
” –

Diern is a wayward moving groove inflamed with crackling guitar layers while O’Malley‘s spooky vocality sneers all over it, accentuating the fear factor of this electrically-charged crackerjack. Top stuff.

Catch the heat here…

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Who: A one-person operation conceived, performed, and maintained by Tommy Ratz,
an elusive character who allegedly operates out of a small studio in the sewers beneath Minneapolis, MN where he is surrounded by synthesizers, guitars, and fast food wrappers. Unable to get internet or television signals in the sewer, Ratz collects discarded VHS tapes, audio cassettes, and brochures, which inform his sense of reality and worldview. As a result, he is regularly expectant of national threats that have long passed, and wildly behind on trends and cultural norms.


Whether the story above of this Einzelgänger is true or not, it’s definitely a fascinating one. No wonder he makes manic-motorik-driven electro-drum-jagged jams like this in his haunted house.

Press play and let your head spin…

TOILET RATS: Instagram

(Photo by Henrik Pultz Melbye)

Who: A world beat ensemble from Denmark

New single: Vår

“Vår is a stream of thoughts about the times we live in and how we perceive both looking ahead to the future but also very much clinging on to the past. It’s about the eternal desire of man to dream away to a better place and about how we often miss the times behind us and re-imagine them like dreams.“

It’s the first taster of their new album M​ø​rket på Solens Krop (‘The darkness upon
the body of the sun
’) set for a release on January 27th, 2023. More info here.

Expect scintillating world music beats, trance-like electronic vibrancy, and eerie chants. When music sounds this engrossing you don’t need to understand the words to get into the core of it.

Capture the mood here…

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