Relax And Enjoy An Interview With Groovy-Moody Outfit THE MYSTERY PLAN

14 April 2023

THE MYSTERY PLAN is a 5-piece groovy-moody pop band from
Charlotte, North Carolina conducted by Jason Herring and fronted
by sensual voice Amy Herring.

They started working together back in 2010 and now, 13 years later they already
released their 7th album named Haunted Organic Machines. A breezy, trippy, and
synth-scintillating record of relaxing pop vibes and candlelight musings. Subtly orchestrated and an ideal companion for reflective moments.

Thanks to main man Jason Herring we can learn more about
the band, their music, and their pretty cool collaborations.

Hello Jason,
Thank you for taking
time for this chat,

How/when was THE MYSTERY PLAN conceived?

The Mystery Plan came about back in 2010. I had some songs
written but needed help with a good arrangement and recording.

So, I went to long time co-writer/producer Paul Jensen (the Interstellars,
Fetchin’ Bones
) at his place, Satellite Recording Studios.

There we put together our first album, The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be.”

Is there a mysterious story behind the band’s name?

“The name of the band comes from a late-night murder show I was watching.
The narrator of the show said something like,”…and the two set out on their
mystery plan…”. I thought that was great, so I used it.”

You may pick three tracks to introduce the band to music
fans who have never heard of you. Which ones would it be?

“Three good introductory songs: “Midnight Trail Ride” (2014),
Those Stars” (2020), and “What A Day (disco)” (2023).”

Is every member involved in the songwriting process?

“The songwriting process in our group starts with me coming up with a song idea,
playing it for Amy so she can start with the lyrics, Otis coming up with his bass lines,
then Jeff throws a beat on it, and Patty puts the finishing touches on it with backing
vocals or sometimes flute.

A song or two on every record is just me in the studio, and the band
figures out together how we are going to perform that song live.”

The new – 7th – album is named HAUNTED ORGANIC MACHINES.
What did you want to say/express with it?

“We started writing Haunted Organic Machine‘ during the Covid lockdown, so there are songs on it expressing sadness and frustration. Then, toward the end, and everyone was starting to loosen up a bit, we decided to write something a little more happy, “what a day” came from that.”

Is the album’s artwork related to its title?
What did you want to visualize with it?

“The album art is from a very dear friend and collaborator, Anthony Smith (That Guy Smitty/Muchacho). He did a series of polaroids last year that were pretty amazing.

He let me use a couple of my favorites: HOM cover, and the cover for ‘What A Day EP‘.
Side note, Smitty also made the beats for “What a day (disco).”

The single WHAT A DAY (disco) attracted me to the band. It feels like a bird is flying high in the sky on a Spring morning (actually the whole album feels that way). Did you think of a sort of ‘perfect’ Lou Reed ‘day’ when the song was written?

What a day” started as something fun a danceable. When I sat down to write the lyrics, I just thought about things I could be happy about. I looked around the studio, out the window, inward, and those lyrics came out.”

The other single BIG BLISS isn’t a happy song and the video doesn’t
look blissful either. What was the idea behind the song and the video?

Big bliss” is sort of the opposite of “What a day”. Amy was having a hard time with the lockdown, and all of the heartbreaking things she was seeing on the news. But you can
still hear her trying to focus on the things that made her happy, even through all the darkness.”

Suppose the album was the soundtrack
of a movie which one would it be and why?

“Hmmmm…if ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ were a film soundtrack…
that’s a tough one…Blade Runner maybe?…or Breathless(1960 Godard)?

I don’t know.”

Name 2 artists THE MYSTERY PLAN would love to tour with or work with?

“One of the really cool things about the Mystery Plan is that we’ve been able to work with some of our heroes. John Fryer (4AD/This Mortal Coil/ Cocteau Twins/ Love & Rockets/ NIN/ Depeche Mode…), Peter Anderson (the Ocean Blue), Steve Cobby(Fila Brazillia), Ian Masters(Pale Saints/ Isolated Gate), Neil Conte(Prefab Sprout), Micah Gaugh(the Veldt), Jah Freedom, Simon Mills(Bent). But I would really love to work with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), and Kruder and Dorfmeister. ”

Does the band play live? If so what’s a MP gig like?

“We play live a lot. Our sets are dreamy, moody, and sometimes a little groovy.”

To me TRUMP (and his party and their fanatic followers) divided the country dangerously. How do you perceive the present chaos following his indictment?

“Fuck Trump. He needs to held accountable for the damage he has done to our country.”

I suppose, as THE MYSTERY PLAN being so prolific for several years,
future musical plans are already on the table. Right?

“We already have a new EP in the works, and many tour dates.”

Thank you Jason for this interview.
May the road rise with The Mystery Plan.

Stream/buy the album here.

THE MYSTERY PLAN: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Band photos by (photo: Daniel Coston)

North Carolina Team THE MYSTERY PLAN Seduce With Eastern Vibe ‘BIG BLISS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

15 March 2023

(photo: Daniel Coston)

Who: Charlotte-based bliss-pop group fronted by prime voice Amy Herring
FFO: St. Etienne, Dead Can Dance, Basement Jaxx, Massive Attack, Sixpence None
The Richer, Thievery Corporation, Solar Fields, Groove Armada, Cinematic Orchestra

New single: BIG BLISS

A piece from their upcoming, 7th album, baptized
Haunted Organic Machines. Out 31 March.

Pre-order info here.

Artwork new album

TUTV: This collective spoiled my ears for the first time with their previous single What A Day. A breezy, trippy, and jumpy synth-scintillating earworm. And new cut Big Bliss does it again. It’s actually a totally different pulsation. One with an exotic, Eastern, and trancey vibe. I swear, when I heard the tune for the first time (before I saw the video), the image of a female, sensual, veiled Arabian dancer popped up on the screen in my mind. Big bliss is another winner and the accompanied clip visualizes this mysterious groove gracefully and bewitchingly. A bliss, indeed.


THE MYSTERY PLAN: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Spring Is In The Air With THE MYSTERY PLAN And Their New Synth Pop Earworm ‘WHAT A DAY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 February 2023

(photo: Daniel Coston)

Who: Charlotte-based bliss-pop group

New single: WHAT A DAY.
The title track from the new 3-track EP, the harbinger for
upcoming 7th LP ‘Haunted Organic Machines’. Stream here.

TUTV: Feel-good tunes like these are always welcome on my headphones.
What A Day is a breezy, trippy, and jumpy synth-scintillating earworm that
triggers sensual body movements. Its featherlight vibe causes a dreamy
state of mind with trancy tinglings. And when that sweet flute came on, I
swear, I saw a Spring bird flutter in a blue sky. As late genius Lou Reed once
sung, it’s a perfect day.


Also streaming on Spotify.

THE MYSTERY PLAN: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify