No Eurovision Song Contest 2023 For JOHN LYDON And PUBLIC IMAGE LTD

4 February 2023

the following message on their Facebook-page
in the early days of this New Year.

“PiL will be competing to represent Ireland at Eurovision
2023 with their new single Hawaii. A PiL song like no other.”

I first thought it was a premature April Fools’ Day joke. Nope.

P.i.L. was actually chosen to be one of the Irish competitors for
this year’s Eurovision Contest. Ireland? Lydon was born in England
to Irish parents, lives now for more than 35 years in Los Angeles
and has besides the English also the American nationality.

The song he did it with is called HAWAII dedicated to his wife who suffers
from Alzheimer. He told The Irish Examiner: “It is dedicated to everyone going
through tough times on the journey of life, with the person they care for the most.
It’s also a message of hope that ultimately love conquers all.”

Hawaii is a sweet little pop ditty that confirms Lydon‘s well-known lifelong love
for his struggling wife and that’s truly touching and way more human than supporting former President Trump, the proud boy who almost brought America‘s democracy to the ground with his mob two years ago, on 6 January, at the Capitol Hill insurrection.

Yesterday on a special edition of RTE’s The Late Late Show
P.i.L. performed along with five other Irish acts.
But in the end, they didn’t win the competition.

Watch/listen here.

Official video

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