London’s Blazing Foursome HAWXX Curses ‘THE LIE’…

HAWXX is a London based all-female feminist brutal force with a loud and sagacious view on all things turning badly wrong in their society. Their latest single ‘THE LIE‘ is a reflection of the current political climate they live in amidst the chaos of Brexit. It’s an account of how untruths and fear are used by political leaders and the media to manipulate the public to the point where we are numbed and complacent.

‘THE LIE’ is a blasting uppercut fueled by profound frustration and heart-whole frenzy.
It’s an incendiary attack on our screwed up signs of the times. It’s a killer wallop. It’s a
red-blooded slam dunk. It’s here for you to go berserk to with your middle finger straight up…

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THE LIE out now – available via iTunes